Special Sweet Dutch Pancakes


Selection of the Special Sweet Pancakes. 

These pancakes are served the whole day.




Fruit of the Forest

Delicious jam made from blackberries, red berries & blueberries with powdered sugar


Peach on the beach

Peaches, powdered sugar & Grand Marnier flambé


Brandied Raisin

Raisins marinated in dark rum & powdered sugar



Various fresh fruit, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream & powdered sugar


Strawberry Fields

Fresh strawberries, vanilla ice-cream & powdered sugar *


Blue Berry Hill

Fresh blueberries, vanilla ice-cream & powdered sugar *


Fruit Delight

Banana, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream & powdered sugar *


Chocolate Delight

Nutella, fresh strawberries, banana, whipped cream & powdered sugar *


Caribbean Banana

Banana, Piña colada mix, vanilla ice-cream & powdered sugar


Shawn’s sweet special

Caramelized walnuts, banana, honey & powdered sugar



*Only if available